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EFT and Perfectionism

This little amigurumi squid gave me some trouble. Even after over 18 years of using EFT tapping regularly, I was bothered because my squid wasn't perfect. It didn't look like the picture I was working from. Why? It's tentacles were not tightly coiled, because I am avoiding acrylic yarn, and cotton doesn't have the same kind of spring... my (adorable) squid was a failure. In the past, the voice in my head would force me to pull out every stitch, and start again with new yarn.

Now, thanks to consistent use of EFT, I have a cheerleader voice in my head... but it also sees the truth of things. That voice said, "It's adorable! It still looks like a squid! If you block the tentacles in coils, I bet your squid will look great!" So here is my squid in it's very unique blocking position. (for the non-knitters/crocheters: blocking is when you wash or dampen knit or crochet items and dry them in the shape you want them to be in). If you want an honest, but positive, voice leading your own inner monolog, consider learning EFT, and using it regularly.

If you need some support along the way, Tap Together offers Introductory EFT Courses and Tapping Circles. It might take a while to develop your own cheerleader, because change is not an event, it's a process... but you can choose when you start.

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